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One-To-One Coaching Session

Individual Life Coaching

Endeavour to look within, to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Become well-versed in trusting your inner-guidance system and handle issues whenever and wherever they may arise.

Love Relationship & Marriage Healing 

Couples Coaching Sessions

 Discover the real purpose of love relationships and how to navigate through conflict. Understand and utilise the power of true communication - and how it forms the basis of a successful relationship.

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Family/Group Coaching Sessions

Conscious Parenting & The Home Environment

Home is where we learn how to show up in the world. It is the first place where we adopt our beliefs and worldviews. It is also the first place where we encounter rejection, disapproval and suffering. Our role as caregivers, is to create a safe space for children to develop and thrive in - in preparation for the "real" world. 

During our session we will learn how best to relate to, communicate with and be present in each moment of our interactions with each other - as a family.

This is what creates the safe space - conducive for trust, honour and reciprocal love. 

Holistic Coaching - Session Plans

  • One-To-One Sessions

    Every week
    Six Week Intensive Coaching Program
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Personal Integration & Awakening Journey
  • Couples Sessions

    Every week
    Love Relationships & Marriage Guidance Sessions
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • Re-aligning with the true purpose of love partnerships.
  • Family/Group Session

    Every week
    Conscious Parenting Family/Group Coaching Sessions
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • Moving away from traditional parenting paradigms.
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