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My Path to Awakening

I grew up in a richly diverse environment. Migrating from Europe to Africa deeply impacted my childhood-perceptions, core identity and the way I relate to the world. The juxtaposition of my warm and loving home community and suffering the harsh reality of being the foreigner, who cannot speak the language and has strange customs - at school, was too much to endure. I was a shy introverted kid and as you can imagine, the insults, bullying and ostracising from my peers and teachers, was rife. I developed severe chronic anxiety, which later tuned into chronic depression and culminated in addiction, destructive relationships and suicidal tendencies. The scars left behind from my adolescent years, manifested through my low self-esteem, my inability to make decisions for myself or to function in any relationships or society - triggered my search for meaning.

For over two decades I dedicated my life to understanding and overcoming the damage that was done and liberating myself into a space of inner-peace and functioning human happiness. After consuming countless tomes of psychological literature, attending EGO deconstruction and regression therapy courses, exploring Eastern healing practices and delving into Plant Medicine teachings, I finally found what I had been searching for - within.

I want to share this abundance of knowledge, observation and experience with humanity. As a light worker and healer, my purpose is to serve as a conduit for awakening. 

Ending your suffering is not about attaining everything you want "out there", it is about allowing all that is to be just as it is "in here".

You will then discover how this acceptance will quickly lead you to a state of perpetual gratitude and deeper insight into why life is going the way it is going for you and what role you play in it. How are you responsible for the outcomes in your reality and the power you actually hold - to change things.

You will learn how to get back to your true nature, your authentic desires and your divine autonomy - all the things you have forgotten along the way.

On the journey to your conscious awakening - all you will be doing is re-membering.

Allow me to guide you back to your natural SELF through the loud noise and the bright lights of this human experience - it is time.

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